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Knowledge and experience

Trak-Pol Adam Gałka company has been operating in the wood industry continuously since 1992. Over 25 years of experience in the wood industry allows us to provide services and goods of the highest quality.

We trade in wood and also sell sawmill products. The knowledge and experience gained over the years allows us to prepare optimal solutions for our customers. We cooperate with companies which we supply with wood raw material and sawmill products, we also run a sawmill. We have our own fleet of trucks for transporting timber. We offer transport services in Poland and abroad. We also have the FSC®; certificate.

We believe that long-lasting and friendly relations between our company and customers, quality and reliability are the best recommendation for the work we perform.

We have been operating continually since 1992!

We have been operating continually since 1992!

Our company is certified by FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) with the following number: NC-COC-013648, a license number: FSC® C112665 and the PEFCTM certificate - NC-PEFC/COC-013648.